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Streamlined for Established Perfumers

Designed for established perfumers with existing businesses, this course offers an accelerated journey through the art of perfumery.

Fast-track Your Journey:

This program serves those who demand results, providing a focused, rigorous exploration of botanical perfumery. Tailored to seasoned perfumers aiming for swift, impactful growth, this accelerated course aligns with your ambitions.

Course Highlights:

- History of Perfumery (Week #1): Tracing fragrance evolution across cultures, from ancient traditions to modern innovation.
- Safety Standards (Week #2): Mastering safe raw material usage, a cornerstone of natural perfumery.
- Chemistry Insights (Week #3): Developing a foundational understanding of essential chemistry for precise formulations.
- Perfumer’s Studio Setup (Week #4): Optimising your workspace for seamless creativity.
- Evaluating Raw Materials (Week #6): Sharpening your skills in assessing and utilizing raw materials effectively.
- Fragrance Families Mastery (Week #9): Grasping the core fragrance families fundamental to perfumery.
- Formulation Expertise (Weeks #10-11): Immersing yourself in the heart of perfume creation through practical techniques.
- Branding & Packaging (Weeks #12-13): Exploring marketing strategies tailored to the world of natural perfumery.
Finals and Submissions (Weeks #14-16) : Showcasing your skills through tangible projects and submissions.

 Investment: $300 USD per instalment - Monthly for four Months 

Preparation for Active Learning: 

To ensure you are ready for active, hands-on work starting on week #6, Topic #6 Evaluating Raw Materials, it is required that you purchase perfume kits and lab equipment as soon as possible. While our trusted supplier offers these kits, you are not obligated to buy from them. In the introduction, we provide a list of materials, and you have the flexibility to purchase them individually from suppliers that you trust, or from the list of other suppliers we have provided.

Flexibility for Success:

If you are unable to finish the Accelerated Natural Perfumery Diploma Course in the time
allotted, you will have access to your subscribed course, as long as all fees are paid, for up to one
year from the date of acceptance.

Secure Your Success:

Failure to make a fee payment or if payment does not go through will result in a temporary
block from the remaining course until the outstanding fees are paid. Missing two consecutive or
non-consecutive payments will lead to a permanent block from accessing the course.

Officially Choosing the Accelerated Program

Indicate your preference for the Accelerated Natural Perfumery Diploma Program on your application form. Payment remains accessible through our familiar payment page, with subscription links available. 

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