How Do I Become a Perfumer

Child smelling a rose

Sometimes a person is born with an innate talent for perfumery just as one might be born with a good ear. It is possible to become a perfumer without having been born with an exceptional nose. Then it is a question of providing the background knowledge, the materials and the instruments. Even with a best noses there is training required for obvious reasons. One would be to train the perfumer to create perfumes that are safe to wear on the skin.  The second is to allow a person to learn the vast terminology associated with perfumery. The third is to learn how to record and measure. The fourth is to learn blend and dilute. The fifth is to be able to name as well as recognise by smell the raw materials. 

How long does it take to become a perfumer. That is like saying how long does it take to become and artist or a musician. When you are practising then you are a perfumer but to become a master or professional perfumer take many months and even years of training.

The best thing you can do while training in perfumery is to experience as many smells as possible and build up a vocabulary . Take notes. Buy as many samples from good reputable suppliers as possible to know what the "real thing" smells like. 

Take notes, smell, take notes, smell. Create small things. Compose simple pieces. Explore each individual material in great depth. Explore different dilutions, explore different plant varieties, and from different countries. Travel and obtain raw materials from source. (But always have knowledge before setting off of what the genuine article smells like. Bring a small amount with you to compare.) Bring your notebook and a small comparisons library with you everywhere. 

Grow fragrant plants. Do your own extractions. Make all different kinds of extractions. Record everything.

Build up your library, learn about how to store your materials and clean your equipment. Invest in base and middle note materials. Don't spend more on top notes materials (generally speaking) than you will use in 6 months. 

Practise Practise Practise. 

Make something everyday. Make mistakes. Practise more.

Last modified: Sunday, 16 September 2018, 12:16 AM