Natural Perfume Academy SealThe Natural Perfume Academy was first established in 2008 to provide education to aspiring natural and botanical perfumers, natural perfume enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs interested in creating and marketing professional natural and botanical perfumes.

Distance Learning with Natural Perfume Academy (NPA) provides the total professional development needed by people entering into or progressing in the natural perfumery industry. Ms. Justine Crane is the academy teacher and writer, Ms. Ane Walsh is the teacher of the Portuguese stream and translator of the course and workbook and Ms. Marta Garcis Pons is the teacher and translator of the Spanish stream. NPA uses Moodle, a powerful learning platform used by major colleges around the world. It is administered at all times by fully trained technical staff. Many of our courses are certified by the International Perfume Foundation (IPF).
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Finalizando discussão em grupo Ane Walsh A próxima sessão de chat irá começar em domingo, 3 Fev 2019, 17:00 

ESTE CURSO ESTÁ ABIERTO PARA APLICACIONES. Certificado por la International Perfume Foundation. Este curso intensivo de nueve meses certificado en IPF sobre perfumería natural comienza el 19 de marzo de 2019. Fecha límite para inscripciones 31 de marzo de 2019.. POR FAVOR, VEA LA PÁGINA DE PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES PARA OBTENER MÁS INFORMACIÓN

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Certified by The International Perfume Foundation.  This course is now closed for applications. The date for the next IPF Certified Nine Month Intensive Course in Natural Perfumery will be announced soon. PLEASE SEE FAQ PAGE FOR DETAILS

NOVO curso intensivo da IPF em perfumaria natural, duração de 9 meses (em português), março 2019.

INSCRIÇÕES ABERTAS. Curso certificado pela International Perfume Foundation — IPF (Fundação Internacional de Perfumes). Este curso intensivo de nove meses terá início no dia 19 de março de 2019. Data de encerramento das candidaturas 31 de março de 2019. POR FAVOR, CONSULTE A PÁGINA DE FAQ PARA MAIORES DETALHES.