Introducing 02 Hall of Fame NPA Qualified Natural Perfumer, Erik Anderson 

"My goal is to create 100% botanical, bespoke perfumes and colognes that holistically empower my clients. I love working with all-natural, organic, botanical essences that have been rendered with love and care, and paying that forward by crafting formulae that speak to the hearts of others. As I have been an educator practically all of my life, as well, I can definitely see myself as a consultant or educator in the field." Erik Anderson

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A Natural Perfume Academy apresenta - o foco das sextas - "O grande começo" 

"A perfumaria chegou à minha vida de maneira sutil e despretensiosa, como um resgate de alma. Fiz um, dois, três cursos de perfumaria natural, mas ainda não achava o suficiente, precisava buscar a origem daquilo que tanto me encantava. Foi então que encontrei a “Natural Perfume Academy” por meio da perfumista Ane Wash, a quem eu honro e agradeço por me inspirar e me orientar com todo seu amor nesta jornada perfumada." Gisele Maletta Marra - Social media: @KYPHI__ Botica do Perfume @Giselemalettaperfumista - giselemmarra[a]

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Introducing our First Hall of Fame NPA Qualified Professional Natural Perfumer, Gisele Maletta Marra 

"In the 1990s, I became a businesswoman and applied my expertise to teaching integrative therapies and to managing people and procedures at a medicinal plant laboratory. In 2015, I experienced an existential crisis and looked for help in Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. They allowed me to smell the aromas of life again. With that, I started to make my “little perfumes” for the soul once again. " Gisele Maletta Marra Social media: @KYPHI__ Botica do Perfume @Giselemalettaperfumista - giselemmarra[a]

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Natural Perfumer

Hey ! Are you a natural perfume academy graduate involved in creating professional natural perfumes and other scented wares and would you like to showcase your work? If so this message is for you!!

The Natural Perfume Academy is launching "A hall of Fame" right here on NPA alongside a regular Friday Spotlight Feature. The aim is to support and promote our qualified natural perfumers as professional artists by sharing their stories and creations with our followers on social media and give them permanent pride of place in our Hall of Fame. For more information please contact your tutor or the administrator by emailing
PLEASE NOTE: ***This is a completely FREE FEATURE! No payment will be asked at any stage now or in future.*** The only requirement is that you are a NPA Graduate - from any class from 2008 onwards
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