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Page How Do I Become a Perfumer

How do I become a perfumer

Page Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives of the Natural Perfume Academy Course


Student Applications , course fees and payments, how to apply.

Page FAQ - Natural Botanical Perfume Nine Month Intensive

Frequently asked questions about the nine month intensive courses here on The Natural Perfume Academy

Page Perguntas mais frequentes

Perguntas mais frequentes


Page Preguntas más frecuentes

Preguntas más frecuentes


Page Curso de perfumaria botânica natural intensivo, de nove meses.

Page O curso em mais detalhes

Curso intensivo de perfumaria botânica de nove meses, a partir de 17 de março de 2021.

URL About Justine Crane an interview

An interview with Justine Crane

Page About Ane* Walsh

Introducing our Brazilian Perfume Teacher Ane* Walsh

Page Sobre Ane Walsh

Introducing our Brazilian professor, Walsh Ane

URL Ane Walsh pillar of the Brazilian indie perfumery

The Untapped Indie Segment of the World's Largest Fragrance Market

Page Marta García-Pons

With the intention of helping the whole Latin world to improve the resources for learning perfumery, Marta joins the Natural Perfume Academy in order to guide all those students that speak Spanish to learn with Justine’s course.

Con la intención de acercar un conocimiento más profundo de la Perfumería Natural Botánica a todo el mundo latino, Marta se ha unido a la Academia una vez más como tutora para enseñar, guiar y ayudar impartiendo el curso de Justine a todos/as los/as estudiantes de habla hispana.

Page Nine Month Intensive Course Syllabus

The nine month intensive course in Natural Botanical Perfumery is a fully online course. No prerequisites are required except a passion and desire to learn Natural Botanical Perfumery from the ground up. This course is recommended for those who desire to begin a career in NBP, or those who wish to broaden their educational horizons. 

Page The Course In More Detail

Natural Perfume Academy Course structure in detail

Page About the Kyphi Course

Have you questions about the Kyphi Course Walking the Kyphi Path, this page will tell you more

Page NPA Inspiration

Why we started and where we found our inspiration.

Page Problems logging in.
If you have problems logging in.

Page Course Testimonials

Course testimonials

Page Business Registration Number for Natural Perfume Academy

Business Registration Number for Natural Perfume Academy

Page Newspaper Article

Galway Independent Newspaper Full page Feature from 2010 

Page Registration Terms and Conditions

Registration Terms and Conditions for Online Courses in Natural Perfumery. The Natural Perfume Academy

Page Privacy Center

We are striving for full GDPR compliancy. As a part of this we have established a privacy centre

URL Basic Natural Perfumer's Kit

As recommended by the: 
Natural Perfume Academy (NPA)
by Justine Crane
in 5 ml bottles:
  • Bergamot Standard Italy (O)
  • Geranium Bourbon Madagascar (O) 
  • Lime Steam Distilled Sri Lanka (O) 
  • Juniperberry France (O) 
  • Labdanum Absolute 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut
  • Lavender Absolute 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut
  • Patchouli Sumatra
  • Peru Balsam France
  • Pink Pepper Madagascar
  • Rose Absolute Turkey 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut
  • Vetiver India WC
  • Ylang Ylang Complete Madagascar
  • 2 oz Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil

URL Glassware Kit Deluxe

Ships only to the US and Canada

- 10 ml Glass Cylinder (graduated)
- Glass Funnel
- Set of 3 : Glass Stirring Rods
- Small 50 ml Beaker
- 1 doz Disposable Pipettes

Page NPA Press Release January 13, 2018

Natural Perfume Academy announces Ane Walsh as Ambassador.

The Corner Stone of Brazilian Natural Perfumery Ane Walsh is presented with the Title of Natural Perfume Academy ambassador and she said Yes! 

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