The Natural Perfume Academy was first established in 2008 to provide education to aspiring natural and botanical perfumers, natural perfume enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs interested in creating and marketing professional natural and botanical perfumes.

Distance Learning with Natural Perfume Academy provides the total professional development needed by people entering into or progressing in the natural perfumery industry. Ms Justine Crane is the academy teacher with and Ms. Ane Walsh is the teacher of the Portuguese stream and translator of the course and workbook. The Academy uses Moodle, a powerful learning platform used by major colleges around the world. It is administered at all times by fully trained technical staff.

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Updated, GDPR compliant and SSL secure. Yay!
de Ruth Ruane - lunes, 4 de junio de 2018, 00:17

Our updates are finished, done and dusted as they say. It was a tricky task to find the cause of the SSL conflict but we did it. Thank you so much for your patience. 

A reminder that next time you login to the website, if you haven't already done so, you will be brought to a privacy centre where ...

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GDPR Updates and some other changes
de Ruth Ruane - viernes, 1 de junio de 2018, 19:31

Hi All, 

This may read like a lot of technical jargon to some of you, but it needs to be shared. I want to keep you all up to date with what's happening on the academy in relation to updates and new EU regulations relating to data protection. You probably noticed that the academy looks different ...

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A Warm Welcome
de Ruth Ruane - jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018, 18:00

A big warm Irish style welcome to all our new students who have just began their natural perfumery journey. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you are already an inspiration to me. I wish you all the very best and want you all to know that I am here for you all and want to help you to get the most...

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natural perfume academy moodle app for iPhone and androids
de Ruth Ruane - viernes, 12 de enero de 2018, 21:01

Hi I have some good news that now we have our website connecting with the moodle application for iPhone and androids. Go to application store on your smart phone and download the moodle app. Type in the website address like this then click connect. It will ask for your username and password you use to get you into the academy. Make sure to enable notifications.

Cursos disponibles


Certified by The International Perfume Foundation.  This course is now open for  applications. Course open on the 18th of September 2018. PLEASE SEE FAQ PAGE FOR DETAILS

Este curso agora está aceitando assinaturas. Acreditado pela Fundação Internacional de Perfumes. O curso abre no dia 18 de
Setembro de 2018. Por favor, vá para a página de taxas para pagar sua primeira parcela e garantir um lugar neste curso. Este curso é através do Portugeuse. Ane Walsh é o tutor e o tradutor. Este curso dura nove meses. Veja o FAQ para mais informações.

YA PUEDES TENER TU PLAZA. ESTE CURSO ESTÁ ABIERTO  Y PUEDES REGISTRARTE. El curso, certificado por The International Perfume Foundation, empezará el 18 de Septiembre de 2018. Anunciaremos la fecha. Puedes ir a la página de las tarifas para pagar tu primera cuota y garantizar tu plaza. Tu tutora y la traductora del curso es Marta García Pons, la duración del mismo es de nueve meses y está totalmente reconocido y certificado por la IPF.


Ves a la página de tarifas para pagar tu cuota

Este curso não está mais aceitando assinaturas. Credenciado pela International Perfume Foundation. O curso abre no dia 18 de 
setembro de 2018. Por favor, avance para a página de taxas para pagar sua primeira parcela e garanta um lugar neste curso. Este curso é através do inglês. Justine Crane é o tutor. Este curso tem seis meses de duração.  Consulte as Perguntas frequentes para obter mais informações.

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Curso de perfumaria botânica natural intensivo, de seis meses.
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