The Natural Perfume Academy was first established in 2008 to provide education to aspiring natural and botanical perfumers, natural perfume enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs interested in creating and marketing professional natural and botanical perfumes.

Distance Learning with Natural Perfume Academy provides the total professional development needed by people entering into or progressing in the natural perfumery industry. Ms Justine Crane is the academy teacher with Ms. Shelly Waddington as auxiliary tutor and Ms. Ane Walsh as the teacher of the Portuguese stream. The Academy uses Moodle, a powerful learning platform used by major colleges around the world. It is administered at all times by fully trained technical staff.
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Late Enrolments accepted up until the 30th of September
by Ruth Ruane - Friday, 23 September 2016, 5:43 PM
Group Admin

Hi All and welcome to all new students. 

We are accepting enrolments to the new class up until and including the 30th of September.. We have a very nice sized class but still have space for a few more. 

I am delighted to report that we are off to a flying start with loads of enthusiasm from students. Well done everyone and thank you!

Enjoy your weekend!

From Ruth in very windy Galway Ireland


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This is the new course in Natural Botanical Perfumery that is accepting enrolments currently. The course opens on the 19th of September. Please proceed to the fees page to pay your first instalment and guarantee a place in this course. This course is through English. Justine Crane is the tutor. This course is six months in duration. The entrance fee is 146 USD paid in 6 monthly instalments. Please fee the FAQ for more information.