GDPR Updates and some other changes

GDPR Updates and some other changes

by Ruth Ruane -
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Hi All, 

This may read like a lot of technical jargon to some of you, but it needs to be shared. I want to keep you all up to date with what's happening on the academy in relation to updates and new EU regulations relating to data protection. You probably noticed that the academy looks different at the moment. Thats because we are getting GDPR compliant. To do this we had to clear all the good looking design frills and get back to basics. We have a clean theme installed at the moment which is why it looks so white and there are no visuals (it is also quicker). We installed the latest stable release of Moodle 3.5 which has lots of GDPR features included that will help us to protect your data. You will notice in your profile settings there are some extra features relating to your data, for example there is a link that allows you to contact our data protection officer. You will also notice when you login that you are asked to agree to our privacy policy. Moodle is ahead of the other web management systems when it comes to data protection and has lots of great tools we can use. 

We are working on getting our theme to also be compatible with the new release of Moodle. Hence the Clean them we are using at the moment. We also fixed an internal messaging problem that came about as a result of the upgrade. Carry on as usual and please let me know if you find anything not working. It will really help. So thanks everyone for your patience, both students and teachers, I am right here and available if you need me. 

Thanks again.