Welcome New Members & Late Enrollments Accepted

Welcome New Members & Late Enrollments Accepted

by Ruth Ruane -
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We are excited as always at the beginning of a new course and welcome everyone new onboard. It's wonderful how even though we are all at different sides of the world we can connect with each other through our passion for learning and our passion for working with natural materials to create beautiful perfumes. 

We are accepting late enrollments to the new course. If you want to join go to http://www.naturalperfumeacademy.com, there is a paynow button on the left hand side of the home page, the second button down, it reads "1st Installment for 6 month Intensive Natural Perfumery Course Starting Fall 2013"

Email ruth@naturalperfumeacademy.com if you need anything else.

thanks to all

fragrant wishes from Galway