Spring and Nearly Summer

Spring and Nearly Summer

by Ruth Ruane -
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AniseedWhat a year so far. 
So much has happened in the world of Natural Perfumery. 

You can follow it all here on our Facebook page. We are subscribed to some wonderful perfumery pages but there is always room for more. If you want to suggest a page to us we would really like to hear from you. 
I also want to say, this years spring class has the most wonderful bunch of students, and want to really thank you all for your participation. It feels really great for us when we see you getting passionate about natural perfumery. I still remember the excitement at my discovery of the world of Natural Perfumery. The great thing is that the passion just grows and grows. The more you study natural essences the better you become as describing them and recognising them. After that you begin to form perfumes like stories, building the notes and layers with essences from natural materials and the passion reaches even higher levels. Like any art form, "things keep getting better." The more you practice the better you will get. The energy you put in you will get back ten fold. The discoveries, the learnings, the creativity, it all takes time and persistance to nurture it all. 

Well done to you all. 

Its wonderful to see spring turning to summer here in Ireland. I look forward to the linden blossoms on our street, and the way the perfume mingles with the sea breeze from Galway Bay. 

All the best

Natural Perfume Academy