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Website Issues and Course Beginning

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Website Issues and Course Beginning
by Ruth Ruane - Wednesday, 21 March 2012, 7:05 PM
Hi All,

Perfectly timed for the new course starting we started having server issues. No matter how much space I had it just kept filling up. I upgraded and we were back to the same issue. So after much searching we got to the cause and I am happy to say, fingers crossed that everything is working now and the issue has been sorted out. So I look forward to tomorrow when the course will be opened.
If there is anybody at all who has sent me an email in the last two days or so please resend it. When the server went down I also couldn't access my emails. I got a flood of them today but there is always a possibility that some of them bounced.
If you are thinking of enrolling there is still time.
I think that's everything for the moment although you will probably be getting some more news later.

Natural Perfume Academy Administrator