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Clove syzygium aromaticum

Entry link: Clove


sweet, heavy, almost suffocating and clingy

Entry link: Cloying

CO2 Extraction

carbon dioxide extractions, supercritical carbon dioxide extracts; solvent extraction utilizing CO2 at low temperature and high pressure to create a fragrant product

Entry link: CO2 Extraction


an essence composition utilizing primarily citrus oils and a high percentage of water; 3 – 5% perfume composition to alcohol and distilled water

Entry link: Cologne


solvent extracted waxy substance obtained from botanical materials

Entry link: Concrete


Creamy Jasmine BlossomsCreamyThe term "creamy" usually means a rich note that is silky, sensuous and sweet which may derive from soft vanilla, sandalwood, or coconut and sometimes from exotic, lush florals that naturally have nectarous qualities, such as jasmine or frangipani.

Entry link: Creamy


Cumin cuminum cyminum

Entry link: Cumin

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