Artemisia Alba

Title: Artemisia Alba (Wormwood) 

Artemisia Alba, a perennial plant native to Mediterranean countries, is closely related to the wormwood plant and shares similar silvery leaves. Its essential oil is known for its distinctive aromatic properties.

The oil of Artemisia Alba is characterized by its very green and bitter notes. This potent, herbaceous scent makes it a unique addition to the perfumer's palette, offering a fresh and sharp aroma that can add complexity to various fragrance compositions.

Country of Origin:
Artemisia Alba is primarily found in Mediterranean regions, where it thrives in the local climate and soil conditions.

Perfume Type and Combinations:
Artemisia Alba oil is particularly useful in chypre and green perfumes. Its green, bitter notes provide an excellent counterbalance to sweet and floral elements, creating a sophisticated and layered fragrance. It pairs well with other green and herbal notes, as well as woody and citrus elements, enhancing the overall complexity and depth of a perfume.

Usage in Natural Perfumery:
In natural perfumery, Artemisia Alba oil is valued for its ability to introduce fresh, green, and bitter nuances to a composition. It is especially effective in creating bold, dynamic scents that stand out for their uniqueness and complexity.

Steffen Arctander; Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin.

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