Agleia Odorata

Title: Aglaia Odorata

Botanical Name: Aglaia odorata

Description: Aglaia odorata is an essential oil distilled from the seeds of the Aglaia tree, which thrives in India, Indonesia, and China. This tree is renowned for its fragrant flowers, which are traditionally used to scent tea. The essential oil derived from Aglaia odorata is cherished for its sweet and floral aroma, making it a unique addition to natural perfumery.

Uses: Aglaia odorata essential oil is utilized in perfumery for its delicate, sweet, and floral fragrance. Additionally, the flowers of this tree are commonly used to infuse tea with a pleasant scent.

Goes Well With: Aglaia odorata pairs well with other floral oils such as jasmine and rose, as well as citrus oils like bergamot and lemon, creating harmonious and balanced fragrance compositions.

Regions:India, Indonesia, China

Extraction Method: Distillation from the seeds

Unique Characteristics:** The oil's sweet and floral scent, combined with its cultural use in tea, makes it a distinctive and versatile ingredient in both perfumery and culinary applications.

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