Title: Bouquet

  • Definition: In perfumery, a bouquet refers to a harmonious blend of flower essences, traditionally used to create rich and complex floral compositions.

  • Historical Context: The term is often associated with pre-modern perfumery, where natural botanical extracts were the primary ingredients in crafting luxurious scents.

  • Characteristics: A bouquet composition is marked by the intricate layering of multiple floral notes, each contributing its unique aroma. Common flowers used include rose, jasmine, and violet.

  • Usage in Natural Perfumery: Bouquets are prized for their depth and complexity. They serve as the foundation for many traditional and contemporary natural perfumes, highlighting the beauty and richness of floral extracts.

  • Examples: Classic examples of bouquet compositions often evoke images of lush, blooming gardens and are used to create perfumes that are both elegant and sophisticated.

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