Ptychotis ajowan

Title: Ajowan

Botanical Name: Ptychotis ajowan (syn. Carum ajowan, Carum copticum)

Description: Ajowan oil is steam distilled from the fruits, seeds, and sometimes the entire plant of Ptychotis ajowan. This plant, also known as Carum ajowan or Carum copticum, is native to India and the West Indies. Ajowan oil is recognized for its potent and aromatic properties, commonly used in both perfumery and traditional medicine.

Uses: Ajowan oil is primarily used for its strong, spicy aroma in natural perfumery. It is also valued in traditional medicine for its potential digestive and antimicrobial properties.

Goes Well With: Ajowan oil blends well with other spicy oils such as clove, cumin, and thyme, as well as citrus oils like lemon and orange to create a balanced and invigorating scent profile.

Regions: India, West Indies

Extraction Method: Steam distillation from fruits, seeds, and whole plant

Unique Characteristics: The oil's distinctive spicy aroma and its historical use in traditional medicine make Ajowan a valuable and multifaceted ingredient in both perfumery and therapeutic applications.

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