Title: Chypre

Description: Chypre is a classic fragrance family characterized by a dominating blend of bergamot and oakmoss, rounded off with rich, woody essences such as patchouli and labdanum. The name "Chypre" comes from the French word for Cyprus, inspired by the Mediterranean island where these aromatic materials were traditionally sourced.


  • Citrus Top Notes: Bright and fresh notes, typically from bergamot, which give an initial burst of zestiness.
  • Woody and Mossy Heart: The heart of a chypre fragrance is grounded by oakmoss, lending a deep, earthy, and slightly damp aroma.
  • Rich Base Notes: The base notes often include patchouli and labdanum, providing warmth, complexity, and a lingering finish.

Usage in Natural Perfumery: In natural perfumery, chypre fragrances are valued for their sophistication and complexity. Perfumers use natural extracts and essential oils to craft these multifaceted scents, adhering to traditional methods and ingredients.


  • Top Notes: Bergamot essential oil, providing a fresh and lively citrus burst.
  • Heart Notes: Oakmoss absolute or tincture, delivering earthy and mossy nuances.
  • Base Notes: Patchouli essential oil and labdanum resin, adding depth and a rich, warm undertone.


  • Classic Chypre: A natural blend featuring bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, and labdanum.
  • Floral Chypre: Incorporating natural floral notes like rose or jasmine into the traditional chypre structure.
  • Woody Chypre: Emphasizing the woody aspects with additional notes such as vetiver or cedarwood.

Importance: Chypre fragrances are celebrated for their balance and longevity. The interplay between the fresh top notes and the rich, earthy base creates a dynamic and enduring scent profile. These fragrances often evolve over time, revealing different facets as they dry down.

Ref: Steffen Arctander; Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin

A well-crafted chypre fragrance showcases the art of blending natural materials to create a harmonious and sophisticated scent experience.

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