Title: Alcohol

Description: In natural perfumery, alcohol serves as a perfume medium, diluent, solvent, or carrier for a perfume composition. Unlike conventional perfumery, natural perfumers prefer using 190 proof organic grape or grain alcohol, avoiding the use of denatured alcohols that contain chemicals.

Uses: Alcohol is primarily used to dissolve and blend essential oils and other aromatic compounds, creating a uniform and stable perfume composition. It helps to carry and disperse the fragrance when applied to the skin.

Preferred Types: Organic grape alcohol, Organic grain alcohol

Characteristics: High proof (190 proof) alcohol ensures that the aromatic compounds are fully solubilized, providing a clear and consistent perfume solution. The organic nature of the alcohol ensures purity and compatibility with the principles of natural perfumery.

Importance in Natural Perfumery: The use of organic alcohol aligns with the ethos of natural perfumery, emphasizing purity, natural ingredients, and the avoidance of synthetic chemicals. This commitment to natural ingredients helps in creating perfumes that are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.

Goes Well With: Essential oils, absolutes, resins, and other natural aromatic compounds

Note: Alcohol in natural perfumery is free from denaturing agents and synthetic additives, ensuring a pure and natural carrier for exquisite and authentic fragrances.

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