Site updates almost complete

Site updates almost complete

by Ruth Ruane -
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Thank you for your patience while site upgrades are taking place.. The Academy is now out of Maintenance mode.  We have completed the first leg of the updates. . We will leave the site online until 14:00 hrs UST Tuesday. It will then go into maintenance mode for the second leg,  Once the upgrade has been tested and is running smoothly we will switch the site back on. 

All going well the updates will be completed by tomorrow evening. 

We have plans for further exciting modifications to the design of the Academy but these won't effect users and can be happening in the background while the site is being accessed by students and teachers. 

Thank you again for your patience. We are looking forward to a much faster (you should be already able to notice a difference with the speed) and as always secure Natural Perfume Academy. 

Good night from Galway. 

Your sleepy but happy admin.