New class opens tomorrow

New class opens tomorrow

by Ruth Ruane -
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(This is a bit of a long one) Our new course is opening tomorrow. This is going to be a very interesting class. I am always excited to see students joining us from faraway lands (relative to Galway, Ireland) . I am happy to announce that we have our very first student from Russia and our first student from Moldova. I have to admit that I actually had to look up Moldova to get an idea of the exact location, I knew Europe but I couldn't picture where (I must not have been paying attention in Geography class thousands of years ago). Of course then I started to google photos of Moldova and all I can say is wow what a beautiful country! We also have students from the US and Brazil. You are ALL welcome!  

New student tip: After login (if you haven't created an account yet please do so now) click My Courses tab to see your course and access it.

After entering the course for the first time there will be an 'unread post' from your tutor Justine Crane. 

Note: There are many hidden units which the teacher will open as the course progresses.

Please please let me know if you find something amiss or there is something that you need assistance with. We learn more from students who tell us when something is wrong than when something is right, though we really LOVE to hear when something is right too, smile  We want to make this course the best it can be and that only happens with the help of feedback from you. So don't hesitate, if you need anything please just ask. My email address if you don't already have it is or you can just send me a fast message on the academy and if I am logged in at the time I get an instant ding to alert me. 

Well best of luck to everyone. I am delighted you are with us and I hope it's to stay! 

Many many thanks. 

Warm regards from Galway Ireland,