Course tomorrow, new shop today...

Course tomorrow, new shop today...

by Ruth Ruane -
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Good evening to everyone.

We set up a new shop and have added lots of materials. The prices are all last year prices and I am in the process of updating them. If you hurry you will get a bargain. All items subject to availability. If an item is out of stock please send me an email saying you are interested in it. We will be adding more items soon for example bottles, droppers, scent strips and eventually we will try to have everything you need for perfuming under one roof. 

If you have a bulk perfumery material that you would like to sell please contact me privately by emailing 

We have the class through English and through Portuguese starting on the same day tomorrow. To enrol in the new class click: ENROL

If you know someone who may be interested in this course in natural perfumery please share this email with them. 

Here is the FAQ which should help to answer any questions you may have. 

See you tomorrow...on the inside smile 

Warm regards,
Ruth Ruane