Welcome New Students

Welcome New Students

by Ruth Ruane -
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Hi All,

I would like to welcome all our new students. We have 2 classes just after starting yesterday and the students are now settling in. In one course we have 3 Irish students, that's the most Irish students we have ever had in a class at any one time. I am really looking forward to it. I do hope ye are a chatty bunch, it should be fun. Please everyone be as chatty as you like. Our Portuguese course is filling up fast and we are still accepting new students there, (in fact 3 new students joined us while I was writing this). Due to a request, we have set up a monthly subscription for the Portuguese Class. Details of this are on the home page. If anyone is interested in something similar for the English stream please let me know by emailing me ruth@naturalperfumeacademy.com 

We are very excited to begin. 

Warmest regards from Galway Ireland


Natural Perfume Academy Administrator

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