Natural Perfume Academy Newsletter

Natural Perfume Academy Newsletter

by Ruth Ruane -
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Dear Natural Perfumery Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to present to you our complete list of our currently open courses.

1. CPD Certified NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma Course

   - Enrolment: OPEN. ENROL TODAY!

   - Duration: 9 months

   - Estimated Study Time:  Approximately 160 hours

   - Highlights:

     - Explore the history of natural perfumery.

     - Learn the essentials of safe natural perfume creation.

     - Gain insights into the chemistry of natural materials.

     - Set up your perfumer's studio efficiently.

     - Master the evaluation and sourcing of natural raw materials.

     - Develop skills in perfume formulation and branding.

   - Investment: Detailed course fees available on the registration page.

2. Accelerated CPD Certified NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma

   - Enrolment: OPEN. Suitable for full-time and part-time students.

   - Duration: 16 weeks

   - Estimated Study Time: Approximately 160 hours

   - Highlights:

     - A streamlined pathway through the CPD Certified NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma Course.

     - Perfect for individuals and seasoned perfumers seeking efficient growth.

     - Focus on essential topics with practical application.

     - Flexibility for completion within designated time.

   - Investment: $300 USD per installment for four months.

3. Advanced Perfumers Workshops and Masterclasses 2.0

   - Enrolment: OPEN. Suitable for experienced individuals in aroma science.

   - Duration: Flexible, completion within 3-6 months.

   - Total Study Time: Approximately 170 hours

   -   Highlights:

     - Dive deep into advanced natural and botanical perfumery.

     - Enhance your formulation skills and creativity.

     - Gain insights into branding, packaging, and marketing.

     - Delve into the art and science of creating fragrances.

   - Prerequisites: CPD Certified Diploma Perfume Course at the Natural Perfume Academy or equivalent.

   - Investment: Detailed course fees available on the registration page.

4. Walking the Kyphi Path by Justine Crane

   - Enrolment: OPEN. Explore the ancient art of creating Kyphi incense.

   - Duration: Complete at your own pace.

   - Cost: $86.00 USD

   - Topics Include:

     - Introduction to Kyphi and its historical significance.

     - In-depth study of ingredients and formulations.

     - Religious, spiritual, and practical applications.

     - Troubleshooting and raw material lists.

   - Enrolment: Instant via one-off PayPal payment.

Expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and start on a journey of olfactory discovery with the Natural Perfume Academy today!

Warm regards,

Ruth Ruane

Natural Perfume Academy