• The History of natural perfumery - Perfume’s use through history and cultures up to the modern era of synthetic perfumery; how perfume affected culture 

  • How to create safe natural perfumes- Learn about the safety standards for the raw materials used in natural perfumery

  • An overview of the chemistry of natural materials - Basic chemistry to create better natural perfumes

  • How to set up your perfumers studio & tools - Organization and guidance for optimizing space and time 

  • Natural perfumery journaling - The creative path; exercises to get the creative juices flowing

  • The natural perfumers raw material palette - In depth instruction and information about the raw materials used in natural perfumery

  • How to evaluate natural raw materials - The foundation of natural perfumery, the raw materials, and how to effectively evaluate and determine their uses in a perfume formulation

  • How to source authentic natural raw materials - Tips to help the natural perfumer source authentic ‘real’ natural materials from reliable suppliers and sources

  • How to produce and extract your own raw materials - Extraction methods explained and utilized

  • The 11 different fragrance families - Basic fragrance families from which most perfumes are created

  • How write a perfume brief and create customized natural perfumes - Utilizing all of the skills taught in the course to complete perfumes 

  • An overview of branding and packaging natural perfumes - Marketing strategies specific to natural perfumery

  • How to formulate a natural perfume - Techniques and tips to produce the best perfume possible utilizing different perfumery strategies

cpd certified badgeThis course is now open for new applications. Course Start date is the 16th of March 2022.

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Estimated Duration:

9 meses de duração, permitem aproximadamente 160 horas de tempo de estudo.