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As passionate natural botanical perfumers, we understand the importance of sourcing high-quality ingredients and maintaining trust within our community.

Unfortunately, the rise of fraudulent websites and unreliable suppliers has posed significant challenges for artisans like us.

That's why we're excited to announce the creation of the Scam Sites and Suppliers Network for Natural Perfumers. Our network aims to empower and protect natural perfumers by providing a platform to share experiences, knowledge, and warnings about fraudulent sites and unreliable suppliers.

Through collaborative efforts, we aim to identify and expose scam websites that sell counterfeit or adulterated ingredients, as well as suppliers who engage in unethical practices. By coming together, we can safeguard our craft and ensure that natural perfumers have access to genuine, trustworthy sources for their aromatic creations.

Join our network to stay informed about the latest scams, share your experiences, and access a database of trusted suppliers vetted by our community. Together, we can create a safer and more transparent environment for natural perfumers to thrive.

Let's stand united against scams and unreliable sources, and preserve the integrity of natural perfumery for generations to come. 

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Expand your network, gain valuable feedback, and discover exciting opportunities within the world of natural perfumery. Join us today and elevate your perfumery experience to new heights.

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