IPF Certification

The Natural Perfume Academy is recognised and certified by The International Perfume Foundation

Certificación de la IPF

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Celebrating 22 years 1995-2017


IPF Registered Schools


The Benefits of Completing an IPF Certified Natural Perfumery School Curriculum

1. Students taking courses in Natural Perfumery can have confidence in being instructed in a curriculum that has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the International Perfume Foundation (IPF), the leading authority on natural perfume's health benefits, history and heritage for more than 24 years.

2. Students completing the IPF Certified Natural Perfume curriculum will receive a Certificate of Completion from IPF.

3. Upon enrolment with the Natural Perfume Academy, students have automatically enrolled for one year and as a student member with the International Perfume Foundation. 

4. Graduating students will be able to apply to IPF for Natural Perfume Certification and join the growing family of IPF Certified Natural Perfumers. 

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