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Natural Perfume Academy Certified by International Perfume Foundation

Justine Crane and Ruth Ruane of the Natural Perfume Academy announced on June 21, 2017 that they have been certified by the International Perfume Foundation (IPF) as an IPF Certified Natural Perfume School.

Certified Natural Perfumery Schools follow IPF certification standards and guidelines
as well as the New Luxury Code for Perfumers. Qualifications for this certification involve teaching a natural perfume curriculum focusing on creating perfumes the original way perfume was taught from natural/botanical materials free from animal cruelty, animal testing, synthetic ingredients, or any synthetic manipulations (like isolates). Once students pass the Natural Perfume Academy curriculum, they receive a Certificate of Completion from IPF and are then able to apply to IPF for Certification as Natural Perfumers. 

About the Natural Perfume Academy:

Natural Perfume Academy is an online school with courses in English or Portuguese. Spanish language classes coming soon.

For more information, contact: Justine Crane 559-900-8472 (US)

and/or Ruth Ruane +353 (0) 838190661

About the International Perfume Foundation

The International Perfume Foundation (IPF) is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. IPF's Mission is the education and protection of the heritage and cultural of natural perfume, including the preservation of original seeds, flowers, plants, bees and other pollinators, while preserving consumer's health in allowing them to Reconnect with Nature.Natural Perfumes, made with flowers and botanicals,will encourage support of replanting flowers and will allow bees and other pollinators to do their work.

For more information, contact: Creezy Courtoy (EU)

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