Who should take the CPD Certified NPA Diploma Course in Natural Perfumery?

  • Independent Natural Botanical Perfumers.
  • In-house Company Perfumers.
  • Essential Oil producers, bulk sellers, distillers, distributors, and agents who are interested in ethically producing.
  • Those in the natural beauty therapy and salon industry, especially those interested in the ethical side of the business.
  • Trained aromatherapists who wish to up skill to the next level.
  • Retail outlets in the beauty and perfume industry.
  • Those who are serious about the subject and want to step up to the professional level.

Is the Natural Perfume Academy a recognised member of any external body?

Yes, the Natural Perfume Academy is a member of The CPD Certification Service. Our CPD Membership Number is 15084  

Is the NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma Course accredited by an official external body?

Yes. The NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma Course is certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles.

Date: February 2022 Certificate No: A031337



What will the CPD Certified Natural Perfume Academy Diploma Course do for an existing perfumery business or company?

The Natural Perfume Academy distance-learning course provides a cost-effective, flexible element in the training of professionals in the perfumery industry. It provides a world view of the Natural Perfume industry so that individuals can improve their capabilities.

For essential oil producers and distributors, the course not only presents distinct consideration of this level of the industry but also provides better insight into how and why materials are used by natural perfumers. A better understanding of customers along with raising standards of ethics, improves sales performance and supports the nature in the challenges in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

For natural perfumers themselves, crucial issues such as management of the brief are considered, thereby improving personal performance. The inclusion of the make-up and production of natural materials provides the essential grounding that is needed by all creative natural botanical perfumers. 

What will the CPD Certified Natural Perfume Academy Diploma Course do for me?

The Natural Perfume Academy Diploma course is a combination of art, science, practical applications and management. For students without a scientific background, the necessary grounding is provided.

For the student, the course provides the answer to the question "What is special about the Natural Perfume industry". The inclusion from production to end consumer product provides the much-needed conspectus of the natural perfume industry that the growing natural perfumer needs. Management of new product development is also included.

The Natural Perfume Academy Diploma Course in Natural Perfumery provides the necessary requirements to succeed in this globally recognised niche industry. 

For existing professionals in the Natural Perfume industry who want to make the next step up, the Natural Perfume Academy Diploma Course provides that essential wider perspective and complex skill base. Each level of the natural perfumery industry is considered and both practical ethical and management issues are covered.

How will the CPD Certified Natural Perfume Academy Diploma Course be meeting online during the course of a given week?

The course is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and students are free to enter and read the current open unit(s), and post on the forums at any time. The instructor and mentors will be in and out of the academy during the week as well, and the instructor will be in the academy and available for instruction and questions. 

How many hours a week per week study time is required?

No more than 2 to 6 hours per week is required. A total of 160 hours study time should be allowed, spread over the course of 9 months. 

What is the meaning of the words "spirit and filth” in regard to perfume history?

Spirit refers to perfumes spiritual aspects, its connection with honoring gods. Filth is in reference to short periods of time during history when perfume, bathing and bathing rituals were avoided or were unavailable.

What other resources will be included in my tuition?

Also included in tuition is a Downloadable Essence Evaluation Workbook for Natural Botanical Perfumery PDF. 

The hard copy of this workbook can be purchased by clicking this link which opens in the same tab.  
How are the classes given?

The classes of all courses on NPA are given on the Moodle academy format with 24-hour access. Each unit will be opened as we complete the previous unit. There will be assignments which can be completed on the Moodle format (copy and pasted from your computer). Forums for each unit are available for student/teacher, student/student, and student/mentor interaction. Previous students have signed on as mentors to help motivate and inspire new students.

The learning platform we use provides the facilities to upload assignments, advanced uploading of files, offline activities, and assignments, live chat sessions, podcasts, quizzes and questions in a variety of formats, a glossary, a student journal, forums, online lessons in a secure environment, surveys and workshops.

We also provide training in how to use the site well in advance of the class beginning in order to build confidence and have site administrators and professional technical assistance on hand at all time should the need arise.

Please note that this is subject to change according to each teacher's own plan, language and geographical location in terms of links, resources, suppliers and sourcing and can be discussed with the teacher when the class begins. Please be aware the teacher will announce any live classes during the course, but live classes are the exception rather than the norm, they are discretionary according to the individual teachers teaching style. The class units are laid out in the form of written material, assignments and discussion forums not video lectures. The material is available 24/7.

What is the benefit of taking this online course as opposed to researching and studying on my own?

This online course and any other online course serves to shorten the length of time, and ultimately the money spent, on learning this art form on your own. Instead of scouring the internet or jumping down rabbit holes in search of the holy grail of Natural Perfume information, you will be conducting evaluations and trial studies, the true "holy grail” of Natural Perfume information -- you will be doing the work that it takes to become a Natural Perfumer.

What are the entry qualifications for the CPD Certified Natural Perfume Academy Diploma Course?

Non-graduates are permitted to apply for the course. The academy seats are given on a first come first-served basis. No prerequisites are required apart from a passion to learn the art of natural perfumery. 

Additional Costs: What special tools or supplies not included in the tuition do I need to be able to complete the course?

We've structured the course to give each student time in which to gather the required tools and supplies necessary to finish the course. To complete evaluations of your own materials, and to formulate perfumes, you will need to have on hand

  • several dozen 5 to 10 ml dropper bottles
  • 10- 1/2 oz cobalt or amber bottles with caps
  • 5- 1 oz cobalt or amber bottles with caps
  • 5- 2 oz cobalt or amber bottles with caps
  • 2- 4 oz cobalt or amber bottles with caps
  • droppers
  • funnels
  • filter paper
  • paper towels
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • skewers
  • self-adhesive labels or strips of paper
  • transparent tape
  • scent strips or squares of acid-free watercolor paper
  • small metal or glass cups
  • pipe cleaners
  • small bottle brush
  • pens
  • notebooks and a file folder

    All these items are readily available and can be purchased inexpensively. 

    During the advanced portion of the course, you will need to have on hand:

    a digital scale capable of weighing at least as low as 1/100th of a gram (1/1000th of a gram is optimal),
    graduated cylinders in 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml and 50ml increments
    an ultrasonic cleaner (optional)
    a Neti pot is also recommended but not necessary

      Will students receive any kit or material with the course?

      No. Materials must be purchased separately. See link below. 

      Please visit the following link: Information on the Kit and suppliers 

      Students will be given ample time to obtain their supplies and will be given guidance on finding reputable suppliers.  

      What is the average amount of time necessary to review assignments and materials and conduct lab work per month?

      When we reach the sections of the course which require lab work, it is estimated that 10-20 hours per month of study and evaluation is sufficient to complete the assignments.

      Could you give me information on the application process and when does the next diploma course begin?

      Course cost: $1336.50 USD - You can apply today and be enroled usually within hours of sending in your application.  

      How do I Pay?

      There are three options for payment.

      Option 1: Pay all at once and get the total cost of the course at a discounted price of $1,176.00 USD 

      How it works: Pay the fees in a one-off payment of $1,176.00 USD.  Discounted price. 

      Option 2: pay in 9 Monthly Instalments of $148.50 Total Course cost: $1336.50 USD. 

      Option 3 **Only available to those applicants who qualify for the Accelerated Course:  Pay $300 in four instalments, spread over 16 weeks. Total cost $1,200 Euro 

      See Applications Page for more details about the CPD Certified NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma Course
      When is the next CPD Certified NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma course starting?

      The Diploma Course is now open for applications, and you can be enrolled as soon as your application has been accepted and a payment has been made. We accept applications year-round, offering you the flexibility to start whenever you're ready to dive into the world of natural perfumery. 

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      Using this website: An optional guided technical tuition and training course is available free to all members helping and offering support before and during the courses.