Natural Perfume Academy Aims and Objectives


To provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding in the field of natural perfumery.
To enhance the individual natural perfumer's career and contribution to the perfume industry.
To add merit to the natural perfume industry.
To spread the word of natural perfumery internationally as a valid and viable art form.
To educate our students using the tenets of the New Luxury Code with an eye toward preservation of perfume's history and culture.


To provide each Natural Perfume Academy student with the theory, knowledge, and practical skills necessary to enhance their performance as a natural perfumer.
To provide support and education on an adaptable worldwide basis.
To provide education to perfume professionals in varying levels of the industry, from the manufacture of custom perfumes to the marketing of naturally fragrant products.
To provide students with an infrastructure of developmental evaluation in preparation for successful completion of the Natural Perfume Academy perfumery course.
To provide students with the education to effectively navigate the natural perfume industry with confidence. 

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