How long does it usually take to complete the course?

Six weeks is a time frame. There are 6 Live or video? Lectures and 6 Tests. About 30 hours of coursework inIt's all done from home. total.  It's all done from home.

Do I need to finish the course within a certain time? 

Yes there is a set time of 6 weeks to cover the course.

What does the course cost?

Price is yet to be decided. 

Are there other Materials and Equipment needed?

Yes, There is also a kit available for purchase from 

If the student purchases the enfleurage kit, (it comes with a stack of chassis, tools, corpse, and instruction booklet), the student will receive a discount on the in-person course at the farm and the online course. 

Can I start the course at any time?

No. The course runs for 6 weeks. If you missed the deadline for the current one we will have another starting in the near future., usually seasonal, so Spring and Summer mainly. 

Can the course be taken without having access to flowers at the time of the course?

Yes, if the course is taken off-season, when flowers are not blooming in your area, the practical knowledge can be applied later when flowers are blooming, and Enfleurage assistance and questions can be answered through the facebook page, or teacher forum later when enfleurage is underway. 

Is the course all from home, or do I have to go to a school and sit tests? 

It's all done from home.

I live in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada etc. Is the course suitable for me? 

Yes absolutely. We welcome students from all over the world and to date we have had students from over 28 countries. Our international students have found the course to be relevant and beneficial. We offer the course at least four times per year. You will want to take the course when you have fresh flowers available in your area, if possible.

How can I contact my teacher or course manager?

There are two types of people you can contact - your teacher and your course manager. The manager will help you with any technical problems. You can post to forums whenever you want. In a forum the entire class can benefit from your question. You can also ask questions privately to the teacher using the private messaging system on the website. If you leave a message out of work hours she'll contact you the next day. You can contact the course manager as often as you want, and about anything to do with Enfleurage. 

Is the course accredited or endorsed? 

Our course has been developed and accredited by NPA. At the end of this course successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by Charle-Pan and NPA. We will eventually be getting it Certified by CPD 

Will the course give me credits towards a certification or some other study? 

Yes you will receive a 10% discount on any NPA course. If you have an interest in learning the second phase enfleurage absolute extraction for scaled projects, Workshop 2, is also the prerequisite for Workshop 3, Advanced Enfleurage Extraction Techniques.

Is the teacher a practicing enfleuragist? 

Yes, Charle Pan Dawson is a practicing enfleuragist. 

Is there a final exam? 

No, there is no final exam. The course is based on continuous assessment and completing projects and steps within the Enfleurage process. Continuous assessment lets you check all the time that you're on course to succeed. Ongoing trouble shooting, and technical assistance is available throughout the course. 

What happens if I fail a test? 

You do the work again! 80% of students complete the course without ever failing a test. But you might misunderstand the question, or produce an insufficiently detailed answer. You can take the test again. 

Can I join the course without prior experience? 

Yes. That's no problem. We make no assumptions about people's prior knowledge. But you ought to have a deep interest in the subject. 

Do I get the whole course or just individual modules one at a time?

Individual modules, with assessment at the end of each module. Study must track with the cohort in Workshop 2. For independent study go to Workshop 1, Introduction to Enfleurage.

Do you provide support after I complete the course? 

Once you complete the course, we’ll give you support.

Yes and the Enfleurage Forum online could be a private facebook page for graduates of this course.

Are there any recommended follow up courses I can apply to?

Yes there are. Enfleurage Workshop 3 Advanced Enfleurage Extraction Techniques, is the next step for those serious students wishing to learn how to extract the Enfleurage absolute on a larger scale for the production of absolute oils for natural perfumes. There is the CPD Certified NPA Natural Perfumery Course is made up of 9 online Units offering a comprehensive introduction to the field of Natural Perfumery

What about in Person Courses?

Charle - Pan offers in person courses on her Lilac Farm in New York, contact us for more details.