Charle Pan's aromatic journey has unfolded across diverse landscapes, exploring the world of scents in various climates.

Botanical Symphony 🌺

In the heart of New York, Charle Pan has curated enchanting enfleurages with a bouquet of botanicals, including hyacinth, viburnum, lilac, wild phlox, English violets, peonies, and roses. Each bloom tells a fragrant story of nature's beauty.

Tropical Oasis 🌴

Venturing into the tropical realms of Florida, Charle Pan tends to jasmine gardens, crafting exquisite jasmine pomade, and exploring the aromatic wonders of other tropical flora. Her hands-on experience in these lush environments adds a unique tropical flair to her expertise.

Bali's Gardenia Haven 🌸

An exciting chapter unfolds in Bali, where Charle Pan manages a gardenia plantation set to bloom in just a few months. The anticipation of the upcoming harvest promises a sensory journey into the world of gardenias.

Hands-On Enfleurage Course 🎓

Embark on a journey with Charle Pan as she shares her expertise in a hands-on enfleurage course. This immersive experience blends spiritual aspects with the nuts and bolts of plant anatomy and physiology. Real-time training unfolds over 20-30 days, guiding students through the entire enfleurage process, from chassis preparation and flower gathering to the pomade harvest and cleaning.

Enfleurage Kit Exploration 🛠️

Students will likely acquire the Enfleurage kit for this transformative class. For those in regions where the kit might not be readily available, Charle Pan offers workarounds and instructions for creating a DIY kit, ensuring accessibility for all.

Join Charle Pan Dawson on this aromatic odyssey, where the art of enfleurage comes to life, bridging the spiritual and the practical in the world of natural perfumery.

Details of the course opening Date to be announced!