Damask roses, natural perfumery bottles and a sacred site with streaming light and incense burning
On the face of it, natural perfume is perfume made with natural materials; essential oils, tinctures, infusions, extracts, and absolutes.

To some, natural perfume is so much more. It is art, nostalgia, and dreams. It is love and desire. It is a dive into history and opulence, through the temples of Egypt, the palaces of ancient Kings and Queens, and the caravans stretching across the mountains and deserts. It is the discovery of something new and surprising, and it is a portal into the past, the connections made through the eons. The rose you smell in natural perfume was cultivated and cared for over thousands of years. Coveted and revered, it is the magic natural perfumers have access to today.

These materials of natural perfumery have come to us throughout our history. They grew alongside us in the fields, forests, and jungles of the world. They are our evolutionary, and now our revolutionary, companions.  

Natural perfume is a bel canto, rich and resonant, raising the hair on the backs of our necks and arms.

Justine Crane © 2022