The Natural Perfume Glossary compiled by Justine Crane & NPA

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strongly scented materials; specifically refers to rich, balsamic essences, but can be used to refer to nearly any deliciously scented botanical material

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Artabotrys Odoratissimus

Country of origin the Philippines and Indonesia. See: Ylang Ylang 

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Artabotrys Suaveolens

Entry link: Artabotrys Suaveolens

Artemisia Alba

Artemisia AlbaArtemisia Alba is a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean countries. The plant is a relative to the wormwood plant and it has the same silvery leaves. This oil has very green and bitter notes and may be useful in chypre and green perfumes. 

Ref: Steffen Arctander; Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin  

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Artemisia Annua

Artemisia AnnuaArtemisia Annua is native to Yogoslavia. It is the least inexpensive of the Artemsias due to it's high yield. It is used mainly as a perfuming material for soap. It has green basil like odor. 

Ref: Steffen Artander; Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin 

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Sandalwood oil distilled over flowers or distillation of flowers into a receiver containing sandalwood oil

Entry link: Attar

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