The Natural Perfume Glossary compiled by Justine Crane & NPA

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A phenomenon where two or more ingredients interact to create an overwhelmingly strong scent that overtakes a blend.
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an artist who creates perfume

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fluid materials used to dissolve and extract volatile elements of botanicals (water, alcohol, hexane, oil, etc.)

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Creamy Jasmine BlossomsCreamyThe term "creamy" usually means a rich note that is silky, sensuous and sweet which may derive from soft vanilla, sandalwood, or coconut and sometimes from exotic, lush florals that naturally have nectarous qualities, such as jasmine or frangipani.

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Citrus Notes

The notes obtained through the use of citrus; orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, grapefruit, yuzu, lemongrass

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Essential Oil

Aromatic volatile material obtained from botanicals through the process of distillation or cold-pressing/expression. 

Steam distillation: Usually indirect steam which is produced in a boiler. The steam goes through the plant material which can be resting on a grid or trays. The steam condenses and separates when cool into the water and the essential oil that floats on the top. 

Expression: Is reserved for citrus fruits such as lime, bergamot and orange. These are called cold pressed essential oils. 

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Odor Description

According to Steffen Arctander in Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural origin: " Part of the "romance" or "thrill" in perfumery work lies in the fact that, not only are all the materials different in odor but hardly ever will two perfumers give identical descriptions of the same material or the same perfume"

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Fatty substance obtained through enfleurage; the pomade is then used for solid perfume making, or it is further processed by soaking the pomade in high proof alcohol for several weeks to obtain a fragrant tincture which is filtered and used to make alcohol based perfume. 

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Notes which are typically hot in character, such as clove, pepper and cinnamon.

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A tincture is an alcoholic extract of natural raw materials. Common tinctures include: Tincture of vanilla, Tincture of Ambrette seed, Tincture of Orris, Tincture of benzoin, and Tincture of Labdanum. 

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