The Natural Perfume Glossary compiled by Justine Crane & NPA

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method of obtaining an aromatic material (essential oil) through the use of presses which squeeze out the volatile oils of plant materials, typically citrus peels

Entry link: Expression


highest concentration of scent to diluent in perfume making; 15 to 30% composition blend to alcohol or diluent

Entry link: Extrait


raw materials or other natural materials which are used in very small amounts (1 to 3%) to help sustain a perfume, holding it down onto the skin so the scent lasts longer; includes distilled water, floral hydrosols, resin and wood tinctures, styrax benzoin and vegetable glycerin

Entry link: Fixative


A bottle, often delicate in nature or beautifully decorated, used for storing perfumes... usually with a tight-fitting stopper or cap.

From the Old French word flagon.
Entry link: Flacon

Flat Note

a note with no lift or body

Entry link: Flat Note


flower based composition

Entry link: Floral


Wintergreen (toxic)

Entry link: Wintergreen


Wormwood artemisia absinthium (sensitizer) – see conflicting information at regarding artemisia absinthium l. Cuba, Artemisia absinthium l. oil Italy, Artemisia absinthium l. oil Poland

Entry link: Wormwood


About Vetiver:

Vetiver comes from the rootlets of the Vetiveria zizanoides which have been used for their fragrance since ancient times. The tall perennial grass grows wild in India, Ceylon, Burma, as well as the Caribbean Islands and many other tropical regions. Vetiver oil is classed as a base note in perfumery and is used as a fixative as well as for it’s sweet earthy quality. There are many different qualities of Vetiver to be had, ranging from the freshly distilled oil which has a moist cool potato like earthy smell to the rich woody earthy smell of aged vetiver.

Entry link: Vetiver


strength of a scent or note characterized by the length of time it lasts on the skin

Entry link: Tenacity

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