The Natural Perfume Glossary compiled by Justine Crane & NPA

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solvent extracted waxy substance obtained from botanical materials

Entry link: Concrete

Destructive Distillation

distillation of materials, seashells, woods or resins, which are intentionally burned, resulting in a material with a smoky, leathery bouquet

Entry link: Destructive Distillation


results of distillation

Entry link: Distillate


DistilationSeparation of the oil compounds within a botanical material through the use of heated water (see steam distillation, hydro distillation and destructive distillation)

Entry link: Distillation

Dry Down

the final stage of a perfume’s life on the skin; base/bottom notes which have the most tenacity within a perfume composition

Entry link: Dry Down

Earthy Notes

refers to notes typified by mossy, moldy, dirty scents, such as patchouli, cepes (mushroom), tree mosses and vetyver

Entry link: Earthy Notes

Eau de Cologne

same as Cologne; an essence composition utilizing primarily citrus oils and a high percentage of water; 3 – 5% perfume composition to alcohol and distilled water

Entry link: Eau de Cologne

Eau de Parfum

8 – 15% perfume composition blend to alcohol; sometimes incorporates less than 5% distilled water or floral hydrosol; second highest concentration of scent to diluent in perfume making

Entry link: Eau de Parfum


ancient method of obtaining scent by repeatedly placing, removing and replacing fragrant botanical materials on sheets of glass that have been glazed with fat (typically cleaned animal fat) to produce a pomade (see pomade)

Entry link: Enfleurage


fragrant raw materials

Entry link: Essence

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